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Depending on Experience

It only depends if you don't have any...


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Forget that college degree, most jobs want real hands-on experience and if you don't have that experience, even with a degree, or several degrees, in hand, you are either not going to get the job due to lack of time and training on a real job pertaining to your education and/or skill sets or you are going to lose out on that job to someone else who may or may not have a degree or be as highly educated as you, but they do have that one valuable thing that you may lack... Experience on the job. Only time can remedy this situation. You may have to start at a lower level or salary than desired, but you will eventually work your way up the ladder after you've gotten actual time in and worked on-the-job.

Are you in search of a new job or an exciting and rewarding career change? Does the term "depending on experience" send shivers up your spine? DOE is a common acronym in job listings and postings by companies, recruiters, headhunters and the like. It's also kind of a catch-22 in that if you have the degree, but a degree with no experience in your chosen field or profession may not get you as far as you may have hoped. Experience, proven and lengthly experience on the job, is the real key to success these days and always has been. On-the-job training takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that you've just spent the last 4 - 8 years of your life in an institution of higher learning and got beaten out of your dream job by a high school graduate with 10 years of real-world experience under their belts, not to mention the $200,000.00 in tuition fees and educational costs that you racked up while learning how to drink a can of beer in under 4 seconds flat or properly toilet paper a tree.

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The phrase depending on experience may just be what you are depending on...

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